Erika Larsen by Haley Richter

Posted on March 28, 2011


HR What made you interested in taking photographs of nature and these lifestyles and how did you first go about it?

EL I have always had a strong connection to the natural world and it is the place where I have always felt the most alive.
My interest is in people connected to the natural world and their ability to reveal its language.
So I continue to create my stories immersed in nature.

HR Did you go to school for photography?

EL I studied at Rochester Institute of technology and received a BFA in Photographic Illustration and then I received an MFA in Computer Graphics/Animation.

HR If you did, what were you doing with photography after you graduated?

EL I moved to New York City and work as a photo assistant for about a year and then after that started on my own as a magazine photographer.

HR I also find it interesting that being a photographer is such a technological career and you take photographs of places and people that are the very opposite.  Have you found a way to personally incorporate the two into your life?

EL I have never seen creating images as a technical career. Using a camera is one way I have chosen to tell a story because I have always regarded my camera as a sort of magic, using the light, to help me see that which I cannot with my own eyes.

HR On the Women in Photography website, about the Sami people you say, “It is a place where man has learned to adapt to the environment that surrounds him rather than adapting the environment to him.”
Do you feel like you can relate to this?

EL Yes, I believe as a storyteller I adapt to the surroundings around me and allow the people and environment to work through me.

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